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Schema Lightener / Schema Flattener / WSDL Flattener now updated - and still free

The Schema Lightener / Schema Flattener / WSDL Flattener tool has been recently upgraded. 
And of course it is still absolutely free.

A summary of enhancements:
  1. Schema Flattener (and WSDL Flattener) now handle recursive includes.  This has been an ongoing request, and it’s finally done!   See below for details.
  2. Schema Lightener can use multiple Xml instances files.  Details on how to do it are blogged here.  A sample multi-file is included in the download.
  3. ANT task files are included along with Apache Ant itself.  You can customize this to suit your needs.
  4. Updated GUI with fixes and ability to clear logs
As always, if you'd like to help support this effort and keep these tools free, you may choose to buy some coffee here:
And thank you!

Try it and if you like it, please blog or post about it so we can get the word out.

To get it, simply send me an email and I'll reply with the download link. (Don't worry, I won't spam you with unwanted email.)

Here is a link to background information:


Regarding the issue with recursive includes (see post): some of you have replied to me with error messages similar to the one below.  This issue was resolved in the Lightener some time ago but was a known limitation in the other tools.  I finally addressed it reusing this code in both the Schema Flattener and the WSDL Flattener.  So now no matter which tool you use, it can handle recursive includes.
Processing ...
Exception: net.sf.saxon.trans.XPathException: Too many nested template or function calls. The stylesheet may be looping.
Too many nested template or function calls. The stylesheet may be looping.; SystemID: file:/C:/tinyurl/xmlHelplineFreeTools-3.1-working/SchemaFlattenerF.xslt; Line#: 566; Column#: -1

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